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Crime Prevention

Visit Billy's friend McGuff the crime dog about more Crime Prevention  safety tips and practices.

Police Officers:


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Johns Creek Police

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School Safety

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Learning More about Your Police:

     Billy Badge gets asked all the time on his visits on what a police officer does. Let's talk about the duties and services they provide to the community to keep everyone safe.

     There are many duties that a police officer is asked to do during a work shift. The first thing that a new officer must do is take an oath or promise to protect and serve the citizens of that community. The badge is a symbol of that oath that they take and is important as a community helper.


     There are many times that people make mistakes and use bad judgement. A police officer is often called to keep peace or issue warnings or citations as reminders to keep everyone safe. 


     A police officer's job is to also educate the community on how to be safe and teach them on crime prevention techniques.

Police Equipment


     Police officers have lots of equipment which assist them during their jobs. An officer's patrol car is often compared to his or her office on wheels. There are various electronic equipment inside the car, including a laptop computer that helps him or her write reports and a radio that they use to communicate with other officers. A police vehicle has blue lights and sirens that they turn on when responding to emergencies.


Fill in the blank: Police belt


Ammo Pouches

Flash Light

Handcuff Holder

Baton Holder


Item Pouch

Take out a paper and write your answers before you check your answers 

Game Corner

Try out the Billy Badge coloring book

Billy Badge loves to make games in his free time when he is on a break from helping people. Grab a parent and try out some of the games he has made for you!

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Fun Facts:

Some police don't wear a uniform on the job. Some officers, such as detectives, traffic officers, dog handlers and other special units wear different kinds of uniforms.

Even though police officers mainly use a car, some officers are trained to use bicycles, motorcycles or even horses to travel around.

To help them get rid of crime, police officers sometimes use dogs. Police officers commonly use German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois for their tracking abilities. 

There are over 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States.

Police use the blue lights on their cars to get everyone's attention to let them know that they are heading to an emergency.

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