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We feel that its very important for children to be educated on traffic safety, stranger safety, and the proper use of 911. The Billy Badge Program was developed to prevent accidents and tragedies and help kids grow up healthy and happy. If we can partner together as police and parents to reinforce this safety education, then our children can avoid potential dangers.  

Traffic Safety:


The Billy Badge Program presents traffic safety guidelines to help kids to stay out of harm's way when walking and crossing the street. Kids should always cross the street with an adult and should look both ways before crossing. Use the Billy Badge Program website and coloring book to reinforce these important principals. For additional information, visit

Stranger Safety:


While the best prevention of abduction is to monitor children closely and keep them away from strangers, it is important to educate children about stranger interaction and what to do in case the situation arises. We suggest that children should be wary of any adult asking for the child's help and that if the child gets lost, to remain close to where they lost the parent and look for someone in a uniform. For more tips on stranger safety, visit


911 Safety:

It is important for kids to know what is and what isn't an emergency and that calls to 911 should only be made in a real emergency. Kids should know how to call 911 from the home and a cell or mobile phone (which can be more difficult to tun on and make a call from). If they are familiar with the process of calling 911, they will be less intimidated if there is ever a reason to make a call.


Kids should know that, even though they shouldn't give personal information to strangers, it's OK to trust the 911 operator. 

Extra Programs

Johns Creek Police

Visit our website and look at the many community programs that our available to you!


Visit RadKids and see when the next class might be available.

School Safety

Visit nsc to learn how to stay safe for school

Crime Prevention

Visit Billy's friend McGuff the crime dog about more Crime Prevention  safety tips and practices.

Our Program

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