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Practice with your child

Parents, please practice the safety practices that your child has been taught. The simple exercise of dialing 911 with your children will re-enforce what important information they need to give to the dispatcher. It's especially important to practice using a regular home phone and a cell phone. Explain that the buttons are different on a cell phone and that they would be required to press the green universal phone icon to make the call.


Contact us for further information

If you have any questions or want more specific information or resources, please feel free to contact the Johns Creek Police.

Some safety tips to keep your children up to date.

  • Make sure that your children know a safety plan so they know what to do during an emergency.

  • Practice going through the route they should take in the house if there is a fire, show them who they should look for if they get lost.

  • Come up with code words that you can tell to trust friends so your child can trust them if they know it.

  • Make sure any security systems that you have, are up to date and working properly.

  • Have a kit ready for any serious emergency so you can be ready if one does happen.


  • Make sure that your kids know how to contact 911 and when it is an appropriate moment to call them.

  • Check twice that all doors and windows around the house are securely locked.

  • Teach your kids to keep valuable items in sight at all times so they don't lose track of their possessions

  • Make sure your child knows stranger danger rules and that they should never talk to strangers no matter what they say 


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