Handcuff Holder


Ammo Clips

Flash Light

Baton Holder

Item Pouch

Check your answers below to see if you were right!

Who should you call if there is an emergency?

If there is a major emergency that your parents can't handle, you should always try to call 911 and tell them what is wrong before contacting anyone else.

When crossing the street, what should you do?

The best thing to do is wait for a parent and when the walk sign tells you it's your turn to go, look left, right, then left again to make sure no cars are coming

What should you do if you get lost?

You should always stay where you are and wait for your parents to find you.  while you wait try looking around for an officer or a responsible adult in uniform.

What do you do if a stranger asks you for help?

Even if helping the stranger would be a nice thing to do, you shouldn't go anywhere with anyone that you don't know unless you are with your parents.

-If you got the answers to the quiz wrong on the first try, you can always retake it.